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General Specifications

Drip Irrigation is to carry water required for plant growth by a certain pipe system and apply the water in drops to plant root with special means called dropper and placed on the lateral pipe. The main purpose of drip irrigation is to give water required by the plant, together with plant nutrients if requested and without creating a request of excessive water.

Drip irrigation system works under lower operating pressure than sprinkler irrigation system and applies water with small-cross sectional area at frequent intervals and on specific part of soil.

Drip irrigation system consists of control unit, pipe lines and droppers. The control unit is a part that regulates pressure, filters of water and applicable to measurement of water and manure application.

Maintenance and Storage

Pick up pipes from the coil after harvest without any damage.

  • Keep away from the sun.
  • While picked up from the field, pipes can be caught by a root or stem circumference. Thus, pull it without forcing.
  • Before picking up drip irrigation pipes from the field, clean absolutely dust and chemical residues inside pipes.
  • Drip irrigation pipes must be stacked at place of storage in a way not to be damaged.
  • Drip irrigation pipes must be left to stand out of the reach of rodents.
  • In order not to cause any mechanical damage while picking up pipes at the end of the session; extreme attention should be paid not to wrap the drip irrigation pipes around reels with a very small diameter.
  • After picked up, the reels should be protected in warehouses against rodents like mice.
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