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PE 100 Infrastructure Pipes

In plastic infrastructure pipe sector, PE 100 pipes become prominent due to the best resistance and durability under high pressure. They have thinner wall thickness than PE 32, PE 40, PE 63 and PE 80 pipes, creates a larger internal diameter and possible to manufacture with less raw material.

PE 100 pipes are manufactured in accordance with TSE 418-2 pr EN standards under the guarentee of ISO 9001:2000.

HDPE Pipe Specifications

  • Wearing resistance is very high.
  • It guarantees 50 year use.
  • Because it is manufactured from light material, it enables montage and ease of use.
  • Thanks to flexible connection conditions, less fittings are used.
  • There are many alternatives about connection types.
  • Thanks to UV catalizor, it doesn't be affected from sun rays.
  • It is resistant to crackage and strikes.
  • It has optional production facility from 4 bar to 32 bar.
  • It is resistant to crackage and strikes.
  • It has optional production facility from 4 bar to 32 bar.
  • It adapts to shape of land perfectly, not affected from soil movements.
  • During montage, it can be associated outside channel.

PE 100 Coiled Pipes

PE 100 Coiled Pipes are called as coiled and straight according to their diameters and pressure categories. PE 100 coiled pipes can be turned 360° with a certain radius and without using elbow based on the mechanical properties of raw material. Because of this specification, coil diameters can be 18-35 times more than pipe diameters. The number of binding cuff decreases in coiled pipes, which also reduces labor and time costs as well as transportation and inventory costs.

PE 100 pipes can be manufactured as coiled pipes with dimensions from 20 mm to 800 mm or 6 mt or 12 mt optionally. Lenght of standart coiled pipe is 100 mt. Considering carriage conditions, coil lenghts may be longer. PE 100 pipes are recommended to be used especially at rocky and rought terrain, and on acid and alkaline soil structure. PE 100 pipes are resistance to strikes, rodents, chemicals, wearing and microorganisms. It provides high resistance against environment conditions and allows for the widespread use of products.

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